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Product Launch


Launching a new product into an already crowed market has many challenges, stemming from both internal and external stakeholders.

Acumen Group advises organizations on the most effective way to bring products to market using a four-step approach: Prospect targeting; key message creation; pitch construction; and the fine tuning of the face-to- face communication skills required to engender trust and confidence.

Individuals that typically participate in strategy sessions include product specialists, sales/distributions teams, and anyone who is required to communicate the benefits of the products to internal or external audiences.


Clients retain us to help them:

  • A prioritized target list of viable prospects.
  • Client focused key messages that differentiate your product from that of the competition.
  • Persuasive and compelling pitch books.
  • The ability to communicate effectively with a variety of business personalities.
  • A consistent approach for all road show presenters.
  • A plan for handling client concerns and difficult questions.
  • A more confident, persuasive, and flexible pitch team.

Let us help you create compelling and memorable messages that differentiate your products from the competition.


Programs are tailored to meet the needs and objectives of our clients.