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Pitch Consulting


Acumen Group Pitch Consulting services prepares your pitch team to compete and win in competitive new business situations. We facilitate and drive our clients through a thorough planning process that results in a persuasive and memorable pitch that differentiates our clients’ offer/solutions from that of the competition. Our proven approach results in an increased hit rate when pitching new business. Let us help create your edge.


Clients retain us to help them:

  • A realistic and thorough assessment of the business opportunity, and a go – no go decision on its pursuit.
  • An assessment of competitive strengths and weaknesses – resulting in key message creation, as well as identifying areas to avoid.
  • A thorough analysis of all the individuals who will make or influence the decision to award you the business.
  • The identification of the obstacles that may prevent you from being awarded the business, as well as a plan to overcome them.
  • Efficient and consistent planning and organizing of client focused presentations.
  • The ability to demonstrate excellent chemistry among the team.
  • Persuasive and benefit driven information.
  • A well planned and orchestrated Q&A session.
  • A competitive Edge!


Clients can choose to engage Acumen Group at any stage of its new business pursuit; from the RFP response and the creation of key messages, to the team’s final dress rehearsal. The earlier we are engaged, the more we can positively influence the outcome.