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Morning Call


The Acumen Group Morning Call session prepares Research Analysts to deliver concise and relevant information when speaking at morning call meetings. The program focuses on the planning, organizing, and delivery aspects of presenting.

This highly interactive course provides each participant with the opportunity to practice delivering morning calls using the new techniques and tools introduced in the session. The combination of exercises and role plays creates a dynamic and safe environment for exploring new ways of delivering information with more impact.


As a result of this program, participants will be able to.

  • Efficiently and consistently plan and organize relevant and succinct morning call presentations
  • Tailor content and style to the needs and characteristics of the audience
  • Deliver information in an understandable and memorable way
  • Project themselves more confidently and professionally
  • Make recommendations with assurance
  • Handle Q&A more successfully
  • Decrease nervousness in both large and small settings


Our involvement with pitch teams is flexible and accommodating to the availability of its team members. Once engaged, we work with you to set timelines to achieve your desired outcomes.