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Who we are

Acumen Group is a communication training and consulting firm that specializes in building the communication expertise of business executives in leading organizations around the world.

Experts in Persuasive High Stakes Communication

For over 18 years we have been helping businesses grow their leaders, increase sales, build stronger relationships, and negotiate better deals.

Meet the Team

Christine Agnello


Christine Agnello is a communication expert with international experience at all levels of organizations

Jenna Lang

Team Member

For over 10 years, Jenna Lange has been coaching and consulting executives in persuasive business communication skills and strategies.

Kate LeVan

Team Member

Kate LeVan is an executive communication consultant with over 22 years of marketing and communication experience.

Juliet Erickson

Team member

Juliet Erickson works with public figures around the world, specializing in coaching individuals to communicate with maximum effectiveness.

Geoff Mulray

Team member

Geoff is a based in Sydney, Australia and a member of the Acumen Group international network. He has been delivering high level executive coaching and business communication programs internationally for over 20 years.

Sean Conyngham

Team member

Sean Conyngham believes that credibility comes from your ability to connect with your audience. For more than 18 years he has coached and trained clients.

Anna Raine

Team Member

Anna is based in London. She has 15 years of experience as a consultant and coach focusing on leadership communication.

Nanette Dewester

Team Member

Nanette DeWester brings 12 years of experience coaching Media, Presentation, and Influencing skills. She has prepared dozens of high profile clients for national television and radio appearances.

Carlyn Jablonski

Executive Assistant

Carlyn contributes over eight years of event management experience within the pharmaceutical and financial industries.